The Midd-West School District is soliciting applicants for appointment to the Board of School Directors effective immediately with a term of office to conclude November 30, 2023. Applicants must be a qualified elector of the school district and a resident of the Midd-West School District for a minimum of one year prior to appointment. Applicants shall include a brief biographical sketch, a minimum age of 18 years old, and statement of qualifications and reasons for seeking appointment. Applications must be postmarked by August 19, 2022. Interested persons should apply to Tiffany Summers, Board Secretary preferably by email or by mail at Midd-West School District, 568 East Main Street, Middleburg, PA, 17842.
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Tentative bus assignments have been posted to each student’s Sapphire account and my be viewed online. If a change request is needed, the form may be found online or obtained from any of the schools. Upon filling the form out it needs to be submitted to the child’s building for approval. No changes will be made over the phone. Only those through an approved change request form will be completed. We advise to keep checking your child’s assignment, especially the pick up times as they may fluctuate between now and the first day of school due to any processed change requests and/or new student assignments.
about 2 months ago, PJ Adam
Student schedules for 8th through 12th graders will be open for viewing by 8 am, Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022. Course additions and change requests can be done by completing the Student Schedule Request Form posted to the Midd-West High School web page.
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MWHS Annual Senior Awards Presentation is this Wednesday, May 25 at 2:00pm in the MWHS auditorium. During this event, we will recognize all recipients of the numerous scholarships and awards. We invite you all to join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the Class of 2022 this Wednesday, May 25 at 2:00pm.
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Midd-West High School Student Council is sponsoring event along with the Middleburg Fire Department to help bring awareness to the student body about the dangers of driving under the influence. Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27 at 1:30pm, we will be conducting a mock student car accident for all 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students in the student parking lot of Midd-West High School. The Middleburg Fire, Ambulance, and Police Departments, along with Snyder County Emergency Services, Life Flight, and a local automotive garage, will be responding to this mock car accident. Following the event, all participants will be discussing the event in our auditorium with the emergency personnel and our guidance department. Please do not be alarmed at the emergency personnel and vehicles that report to the High School during this time. It is only a simulated event. Please inform the high school office about any extenuating circumstances that would cause undue stress from viewing this event for your child. The goal of the presentation is to show students the realities of what could happen while driving impaired and is meant to be educational.
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Correction. Only West Snyder Elementary’s Pathfinder program is cancelled for this evening.
5 months ago, Corey Aucker
2022 Kindergarten Camp Registration Form Attention Parents & Guardians: Please complete the following form to register your child for Kindergarten Camp held at Middleburg Elementary School and West Snyder Elementary School on June 6, 7, & 8. This camp will be an important first step in helping your child to have a successful Kindergarten experience next year, and attendance is highly recommended!
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The following staff members received recognition in March for their actions displaying our District’s Unifying Beliefs. Congratulations! People First – Clint Swartz, Mandi Romig, Amanda Gessner, Jess Spaide, Tanna Stenger, Mark Bickhart, Candace Benner, Lori Keister, Matthew Baney, Jen Runkle, Pat Laughman, Sherry Wagner, April Kerstetter, Paula Garman Results and Process Oriented – Corey Wert, AJ Steininger, Monica Romig, Sandy Mitchell, Kaitlin Liszka, Jen Hummel, Marlena Ford, Greg Erb, Mary Beierschmitt, Jayme Bucher, Stacy Hawk, Casey Balliet, John Daku, Erica Hood, Tanna Stenger, Shannon Sholley, Denya Burris, Emily Klingler Internally Motivated – Chelsey Beaver, Matt Dietz, Theresa Ewing, Devin Flynt, Brandon Folk, Jason Gemberling, Karissa Graybill, Beth Keister, Paul Mall, Tracey Mitchell, Angie Pyle, Holly Rorke, Chris Sauer, Kathy Shellenberger, Sharon Tittle, Ryan VanHorn, Jenelle VanHorn, Pete Voss, Cole Zimmerman, Nancy Marrara, Wendy Snyder, Pat Laughman, Lisa Nesbit, Sarah Brubaker Conscientious Communicator – Bobbie Boone, Maddie Gaugler, Chris Meharg, Joe Mower, Ami Renninger-Boop, Chandler Sheaffer, Sean Snoddy, Julie Stugart, Donna Wilson, Erica Wagner, Donna Stroup, Lisa Wolf, Chloe Poltonavage, Jen Wilson, Danielle Lantz, Kelsey Sands, Danelle Snook, Jen Miner, Erica Knepp, Heather Portzline, Jenn Keister, Abby Potter Creative Problem Solver – Brian Beward, Trisha Bailey, Chelsey Bolig, Melissa Boonie, Mindy Callender, Mark Ferster, Katie Gaugler, Stacey Graff, Karissa Graybill, Will Hammond, Jen Hostler, Colleen Jones, Norma Long, Jen Mason, Megan Messimer, Heidy Oldt, Stacy Plummer, Shannon Pyle, Brenda Stewart, Devin Flynt, Nick Stine, Dan Wilson, Missy Brauer-Stuck
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Attention all 7th and 8th grade Spring athletes: Today's JH boys and girls soccer practice is cancelled. Practice will start tomorrow at the athletic stadium at 3:15 pm. Today's JH field hockey players will have a meeting in the high school cafeteria from 3:30-4:30 pm.
6 months ago, Bree Solomon
The Middleburg Elementary School PTO Gertrude Hawk fundraiser orders will be available for pickup on Wednesday, April 6th, from 3-6 pm in the Middleburg Elementary School Cafeteria.
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Good luck to the MWHS Girls Bowling team this weekend as they travel to Lancaster to compete in the state tournament! Mackenzie Noble will also be competing for an individual state title! Congratulations to Conner Heckman for placing 3rd in the state at 132lbs! Congratulations to Nathan Mattern for being recognized for All-State Chorus!
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Various schools in the Midd-West School District showing their support for the Hunter Reynolds family! #rememberinghunterreynolds
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West Snyder
The following staff members received recognition in February for their actions displaying our District’s Unifying Beliefs. Congratulations! People First – Chris Blockus, Chelsey Bolig, Jackie Cook, Theresa Ewing, Jen Hostler, Angie Pyle, Holly Rorke, Chris Sauer, Kathy Shellenberger, Dana Spade, AJ Steininger, Brenda Stewart, Sharon Tittle, Cole Zimmerman, Melissa Boonie, Amanda Graybill, Tina Spatz, John Daku, Dawn Wenrich, Stacey Hood, Lauren Cuatt Results and Process Oriented – Melissa Boonie, Tammy Laub, Beth Nornhold, Ami Renninger-Boop, Jen Straub, Dan Wilson, Donna Wilson, Brian Rees, Chandler Sheaffer, Ryan VanHorn, Shari Conrad, Lori Keister, Kelsey Sands, Emily Kramer, Stephanie Freil, Jesse Renninger, Misty Wagner, Cameron Trego, Sarah Brubaker, Beth Rowles Internally Motivated – Sue Lessman, Tracy Auman, Amber Bardell, Lindsay Dalius, Lisa Gearhart, Stacy Hostetter, Robin Kratzer, Chandler Sheaffer, Michelle Wilson, Jen Straub, Drew Hagerman, Dolly Horst, Andrea Seebold, Linette Lantz, Molly Bishop, Britt Folk, Courtney Trawitz Conscientious Communicator – Brian Beward, Brandon Folk, Stan Share, Jess Spaide, Kevin Copenheaver, Candace Benner, Missy Kreamer, Shannon Sholley, Lindsey Snyder Creative Problem Solver – Corey Wert, Clint Swartz, Julie Stugart, Sean Snoddy, Nancy Marrara, Bill Stuck, Laura Long
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The February 14th and 28th Midd-West School Board meetings will be IN- person and there will be NO Zoom participation. All public comments will have to follow district policy and occur in person.
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The following staff members received recognition in January for their actions displaying our District’s Unifying Beliefs. Congratulations! People First – Jordan Cole, Stephanie Friel, Emily Kramer, Macia Kramer, Landry Harman Results and Process Oriented – Ryan Wagner, Andrea Teats Internally Motivated – Landry Harman, Nichole Snyder, Alyssa Beaver, Stacey Hostetler, Sarah Brubaker, Brit Folk, Lisa Orner Conscientious Communicator – Lisa Mitchell, Christa Dressler, Courtney Trawitz, Janelle Hockenbrock, Greg Weader, Amanda Graybill, Megan Matrey, Ava Zechman, John Daku Creative Problem Solver – Alyssa Beaver, Robin Walls, Erin Auman, Ava Zechman, Chad Romig, Shari Conrad, Abby Potter, Amanda Graybill, Courtney Zimmerman, Emily Klingler, Molly Bishop
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On January 24th, the Midd-West School District will be holding their last hybrid meeting where the public can join via Zoom. Anyone who wishes to speak must attend in person. Starting with February’s work session on the 14th, all meetings will only be in person until further notice. MWSD is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 854 1160 6855 Passcode: Tc0wZb
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You are invited to participate in our January 10th, School Board Meeting by using the public link below. You must enable your video and mute your microphone. This is a formal public meeting and comments will only be allowed at designated times in the meeting. Those who wish to make a comment must attend in person. Time: January 10th, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada ) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 873 7867 1851 Passcode: hP729m Let us know if there are any questions.
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The following staff members received recognition in December for their actions displaying our District’s Unifying Beliefs. Congratulations! People First: Trudi Reitz, Lisa Decker, Danelle Snook, Fred Lawrence, Lisa Ferster, Tammy Dietz, Shannon Sholley, Holly Andretta, Jan Heckman, Jena Stauffer, Matt Dietz, Jenna Hackenberger, Norma Long, Brian Rees Results and Process Oriented: Gretchen Powell, Missy Brauer-Stuck, Ashley Kuhns, Devin Flynt, Drew Hagerman, Colleen Jones, Paul Mall, Chris Meharg, Megan Messimer, Tracey Mitchell, Matt Reinhart, Jenelle VanHorn Internally Motivated: Holly Andretta, Alisha Kurtz, Bill Stuck, Wendy Carr, Cathy Dauberman, Dorothy Furgison, Stacey Graff, Patty Kahler, Tammy Laub, Kaitlin Liszka, Twila Long, Jen Mason, Carol Mitterling, Lynn Musser, Beth Nornhold, Stacy Plummer, Mandi Romig, Norma Stahl, Jen Wilson Conscientious Communicator: Emily Maust, Emily Klingler, Will Hammond, Jen Hummel, Beth Keister, Robin Kratzer, Monica Romig Creative Problem Solver: Paetyn Klinger, Stacy Hostetter, Karen Klock, Joe Mower, Shannon Pyle
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