WSE Outdoor Education

In the Midd-West School District, we believe that Outdoor Education is a powerful and positive learning experience for our fifth-grade students. 


It is often inconvenient, if not impossible, to bring the wholeness of nature into our classrooms, so we take our classrooms to an authentic outdoor learning laboratory! During our stay, we are able to observe trees, plants, insects, aquatic creatures, and mammals in their natural setting, while discussing the environment and ecology of the area.  We believe this setting makes learning more meaningful to our students, while exposing them to learning opportunities that they may not yet have experienced. 


Outdoor Education is a wholesome and positive social experience for our students, some of whom will be spending their first nights away from immediate family.  Students will work cooperatively in groups for many of the activities in which they will participate.  Each student will also be helping to keep the living environment clean, as well as sharing in the serving of meals and clearing of tables.  Outdoor Education is an all-around team effort. 


Outdoor Education is also a reinforcement of our physical education and health programs.  Even though we are living outdoors for a few days, personal hygiene and cleanliness are stressed.  Each student will depend on their feet as their only means of transportation from one activity to another during their stay.  They will also visit the confidence course for ninety minutes, during which they will learn to cope with difficult terrain and overcome obstacles using their individual body strength.  Fifth graders will develop a deeper understanding of what they can achieve and increase self-confidence upon completion of the confidence course. 

Aside from the core content that is learned, the experience of being independently responsible for oneself allows students to grow both socially and emotionally.  We are so excited to share this outdoor learning experience with your child!