Right To An Education

The Board affirms that all persons residing in the Midd-West School District between the ages of six years by the September 2 of each year and twenty-one years of age are entitled to a free and full education. This right extends to migratory children and pregnant or married students. Mentally retarded children will be provided with a program of education and training appropriate to their learning capabilities.

Parents or guardians of all children between ages of eight and seventeen are required by compulsory attendance law to ensure that their children attend an approved education institution, unless legally excused. Students who are less than seventeen years of age are still subject to the compulsory attendance law even though expelled. The responsibility for placing the student rests initially with the students' parents or guardians. However, if the student is unable to attend another public school, cannot afford to attend or is unable to be accepted a t a private school, the school district will make provision for the child's education, though home instruction, assignment to an alternative education program, or readmittance to school.

Students will not be asked to leave school because they have reached seventeen years of age if they are fulfilling their responsibilities as students, as defined.

No student will be denied access to a free and full public education on account of race, religion, sex, or national origin.