Nursing Assignments

Ann Murray, CSN,
School Nurse
Midd-West Middle School, Midd-West High School
Candace Benner, CSN,
School Nurse
Middleburg Elementary School, West Snyder Elementary School
Ava Zechman, LPN,
Health Room Technician
Midd-West Middle School, Middleburg Elementary 
Adele Ewing, LPN
Health Room Technician
West Snyder Elementary School, Midd-West High School

Roles of a School Nurse

  • Assess and evaluate overall student health
  • Plan action for elimination, minimization, or acceptance of health problems
  • Assist in identification and education of students with special health problems and special education needs
  • Provide information and referral for adolescent health/emotional concerns
  • Provide selected health services for staff
  • Coordinate health services with health education and community agencies
  • Responsible for assessment, triage, and care of sick and injured students and staff
  • Observe school facilities and recommend modifications to maintain optimum health and safety of students and staff
  • Review/change health policies, consulting with the school physician
  • Administer medications
  • Perform PA School Code screenings
  • Monitor immunization compliance and provide clinics throughout school year
  • Follow-up on concerns regarding student and community health
  • Provide education on a variety of health topics to students, families, and staff

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