The Comprehensive Plan is a six-year plan that all school district in the state of Pennsylvania are required to submit to PDE. This plan details how the district plans to achieve state mandates and goals over the course of that six year span. During the third year of that six year span, district must review and update their comprehensive plan. The Midd-West School District is in the middle of this six year plan and must review and resubmit their updated comprehensive plan to PDE. Prior to doing so, the plan must be made availble to the public for 28 days and then approved by the school board.

Please feel free to review the Midd-West School District's Revised and Updated Comprehensive Plan. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Joe Stroup, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at stroup.joe@mwsd.cc or (570) 837-0046 (ext. 1201).