With the great privilege of checking out library materials comes great responsibility! :-)

Library patrons are responsible for all library materials/books checked out of the library, and returning them on time.

All student checkouts are for 15 school day with the option of renewing the item unless another student or teacher needs the material. Student checkout privileges will be limited when library materials are overdue.

We do have a fine for overdue books. Fines are $.10 a day until material/book is returned, maximum fine $1.00 per book. Students with an overdue book or a fine will have limited check out privileges until the overdue items are returned or fine is paid.

Accidents happen! We stress the responsibility to report and, if necessary, to pay the cost for a material which gets damaged or lost while in a student's care.

If a book is lost or becomes damaged beyond use, you will be billed for the replacement cost.

If the item in question is found and returned in good condition after it has been paid for but before a replacement book has been purchased, we will gladly refund the amount paid.

NO Eating, Drinking or Chewing Gum in the Library.