This is a sampling of club activities that may be offered throughout the school year. Club activities are subject to change without notice. Some clubs are limited to the number of participants and to a grade level.

Name of Activity Description of Activity
Aviation Club Students will have the opportunity to research, build and fly aircrafts they are interested in, such as Remote Control (RC) helicopters, RC quad copters, rockets, kites, and airplanes. There are some students who can repeat this club. Ownership of Quad preferred , but not required.
Basketball Learn techniques and strategies of basketball through instruction and participation.
Soccer Open to students interested in Soccer. Learn skills and rules of the game. Students will also play games.
Brain Games/ Math Games Have fun testing your mind with Math Games (like 24) and other problem solving/trivia games

Craft Club
Learn how to make different crafts, such as cards and holiday items.
Dance Aerobics Students will learn and be active in different types of cardiovascular exercises that they can do throughout life. Activities will include dancing (party, multicultural, square, and line), Dance Dance Revolution games, aerobics/step aerobics (with weights or exercise bands added at times), and even walking and leisure running.
Dodge Ball Students will learn the rules of Dodge Ball and participate in games and tournaments. Limited to 15 7th graders and 15 6th graders. You CANNOT repeat this club.
GAB (Girls Against Bullying) Students learn skills needed for conflict resolution and how to deal with other social issues they experience. It gives students a chance to talk about bullying and learn ways to deal with it. Students will also plan activities to encourage students to get along. GIRLS only
Guitar Club Students can bring their own electric or acoustic guitar, and will be given the opportunity to learn and practice more advanced songs.
History Fair Club History club is in coordination with National History Day which is a contest on the local, state and national levels. Students research a topic and then present their findings to judges. Topics must relate to a common theme. Information can be presented using an exhibit format, performance, paper, documentary, or website. Only open to students who participated in History Fair Club during 2nd marking period.
Karaoke Club Students will take turns singing songs of their choosing in front of the rest of the group. Solos and duets will use a microphone to belt out their favorite songs.
K'Nex Club Students will be able to use their engineering skills to create their dreams with K'Nex
Knitting/Crocheting Students will learn how to crochet/knit.They should come to the first meeting with yarn, a pair of knitting needles (size 7 or8), and crochet hook (size F or G).This is open to all who want to learn and those who have experience.
Math/Study Club Do you need extra help with Math or extra time to get your homework done? Math/Study club will allow you the opportunity to get help and give you time to study.
Quest to be Our Best Club Students will participate in various community service-based events throughout the marking period, such as planning Mix It Up Day and helping with the transition of the 5th graders to MWMS.
RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Students will participate in various community service-based events throughout the marking period, including clean-ups, reading to elementary students and other projects to help the community.
Sign Language Students will learn the ABC's of sign language as well as everyday vocabulary.
Silent Reading/Coloring Gives students the opportunity to read in a quiet environment. Also, students can also color in the more detailed coloring books. If you have a coloring book, please bring it to club.
Spirit Club Open to enthusiatic students who have an interest in leadership and school pride. The club's goal is to foster a sense of school community. Members will organize and promote community building activities such as Pennies for Patients.
Strategy Games/Pokemon Play a variety of strategy games such as Chess, Checkers, Strategy, Battleship, Scattegories, Connect Four and others. Learn new strategies to improve your game and challenge your mind. Also, bring Pokémon cards and battle others. No trading or buying cards during club.
Street Hockey Club Open to students who enjoy street hockey and are interested in learning to play. Members must have a hockey stick and hockey helmet are optional. Dangerous play will not be allowed.
Team Handball Students will play this game working with teammates to try and score goals by passing and throwing the ball into the opponents goal.
Walking & Fitness Club Students will walk outside or inside. They will also use the fitness room when available.
Yearbook This club will be responsible for creating and designing the yearbook for this school year. You must be able to work independently and meet deadlines.Grade 7 ONLYand no new students will be enrolled for 3rd marking period.