Midd-West Middle School held awards assemblies on May 16th (6th grade) and May 17th (7th grade).  Students, staff and family members gathered in the gymnasium to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. A variety of awards were given during both programs including: honor roll and distinguished honor roll certificates, subject area awards, student of the month certificates, science and math contest awards, national history day certificates and more.  Among the additional awards presented there are a few special awards given to sixth and seventh grade students and some only for seventh graders. Students with perfect attendance, who do not miss one single minute of school all year, receive a perfect attendance award and the student in each grade level with the highest GPA received a certificate and an trophy created by MWMS students.  An award is also presented to the most improved student in each grade.  These students are nominated by staff and votes are tallied from all staff members.  These recipients received a certificate and student created trophy.  Midd-West Middle School also has a student awards committee. These students create and produce the award statues and also select a male and female student in each grade to receive the Above and Beyond award.  Seventh grade students are also eligible for the Mustang PRIDE Award and the Grandma Jackie Award. Students are nominated by staff for these honors and PRIDE winners are voted on by staff while the Grandma Jackie Award recepient is decided by a selection committee.  One male and one female seventh grader are selected for Mustang PRIDE representing the best all-around middle school student. This determination is based upon the student's overall academic performance, involvement in activities, respect shown throughout the year, leadership amongst their peers, and overall enthusiasm displayed here at Midd-West Middle School. PRIDE winners received a trophy, certificate and a certificate.  The Grandma Jackie awards is presented every year in memory of Jackie Hackenberg, a long time Foster Grandparent at MWMS.  The Grandma Jackie Award is given to a seventh grade student who is helpful to students who experience learning difficulties, finds the positive characteristics in other students and includes others in activities. The Grandma Jackie award recipient received a certificate and a gift card of their choosing.
Congratulations to all award recipients this year!

6th Grade Most Improved Student: Emma Chambers 

6th Grade Above and Beyond: Alaina Brower & Klayton Herman

6th Grade Highest GPA: Kimberlyn Smith

7th Grade Most Improved Student: Leelin Varner

7th Grade Above and Beyond: Rowen Kuhns & Maya Zechman

The Grandma Jackie Award: Briahna Keister

7th Grade Highest GPA: Jayda Dunn

7th Grade Mustang PRIDE: Bella Knepp & Weston Shultz