Below is information for any Midd-West athletes for the 2021-2022 school year.  If you are planning on participating in a sport during the fall, winter or spring season, you can get your physical at the high school on the summer date of June 30th from 5:00-7:45 PM.:

1:  All parents will need to fill out the attached form in order to
create a Healthy Roster account.  If you have already completed the form
and returned it, you should have received an email to set up an
account.  You must do that before you will have access to the program. 
Once logged into the Healthy Roster website, click on the athlete button
on the left hand side and select your athlete.  Next, click on the
document tab, click on upload a document, click on the drop down menu
and you will need to complete the CIPPE forms sections 1-6.  Section 7
is the physicians form, you can print this out to take to your private

2:  If you are getting a physical at your private physician the form is
section 7 (the first 6 sections should be completed electronically
through the Healthy Roster site).  If you are having your physical
completed at the high school on June 30th, the first 6 sections must be
completed before the physical.  Once the first six sections are
completed in Healthy Roster, you will not have to fill out those
sections again or the emergency form, unless something changes.

3:  If you get a private physical, the paperwork can be uploaded directly into your child's account.

4:  Any athletes in the following sports and grades will need to also
complete the Impact concussion test.  If you can complete the test on
June 30th, Tami will be available.  Anyone, regardless of grade, who is a
first time participant would also need to complete the baseline test.

Soccer - 9th and 11th grade
Field Hockey - 9th and 11th grade
Football - 7th, 9th and 11th grade

Physical date at high school on June 30th from 5:00-7:45 pm.

Questions can be directed to Bree Solomon at or Tami
Eiswerth at  Healthy Roster registration forms can be
returned by email or at the high school main office.  If anyone does
not have computer access, they can request a hard copy packet.