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  • Teacher at the Midd-West School district since December of 1988.
    BS Chemistry Secondary Education - Indiana University of PA
    Masters in Education - Wilkes University

    Science Department Philosophy

    The Midd-West School District will provide each student with a program, which includes aspects of both and physical and biological science.  It is necessary for students to acquire the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of these sciences because the growth of civilization depends on progress and change brought about by scientific discoveries and their use.  The growth of science and technology is related to changes in lifestyles of individuals, communities, and cultures; therefore; individuals must be literate in order to understand the interactions, interrelationships, and interdependence of components of the physical and life sciences.

    Further, it is necessary to provide opportunities for those students who have interest and ability to study advanced sciences in order to build upon their best knowledge and understanding and to satisfy their personal and career goals.

    All of the sciences emphasize experiences, which provide students with opportunities to be creative and to apply known concepts both in the classroom and later in life.

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