Graduation and Promotion Requirements

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    Graduation and Promotion Requirements

    Graduation requirements are mandated by the state as outlined in Chapter 4 regulations and as included in the Midd-West School District's Strategic Plan.

    Credit Requirements

    To be eligible to graduate, students shall successfully complete a program consisting of at least the minimum number of total credits required for graduation in planned courses that shall include:

    1. Three (3) planned courses in mathematics; one in algebra, one in geometry, and one other math credit.  Students successfully completing the algebra requirement as an 8th grader will take geometry and two additional math credits.
    2. Three (3) planned courses in science: sequence must include general science, biology and one other science credit.  Eligible students may accelerate past the general science course.
    3. Three (3) planned courses in social studies: sequence must include one course in American history, one in world history, and one in civics/government.
    4. Four (4) planned courses in English in grades 9-11, plus one credit of English electives in senior year for students in attendance at Midd-West High School.
    5. A planned course in health education.
    6. A planned course in physical education for each year in attendance (students enrolled in SUN Tech or off-campus college experience may meet the physical education requirement by contract during the senior year).
    7. Two (2) planned courses in arts and humanities.
    8. Planned courses in approved electives as needed to meet the total number of credits required for graduation.
    9. Students in graduation cohort 2019 and beyond shall demonstrate proficiency on either the Keystone exam or Project-Based Assessment in the subjects of algebra I, biology, and literature.


    Proficiency on the Pennsylvania Keystone exams are required for all students in order to graduate.  Students are tested in Literature, Algebra I, and Biology.  Students need to score Proficient or Advanced on the Keystone exams. 

    Promotion Requirements

    In order to graduate, students must earn at least six (6) credits to be promoted to grade ten; at least thirteen (13) credits to be promoted to grade eleven; and at least nineteen (19) credits to be promoted to grade twelve.  A minimum of twenty-seven (27) credits will be required for graduation.

    Regardless of credits accumulated, a minimum of five and one-half (5.5) credits must be earned during the senior year, unless waived by the student's individual education plan and/or prior approval of the Board of School Directors.

    Qualified seniors may be considered for attending SUN Area Technical Institute based on established criteria consistent with graduation requirements.

    Early Admission to College

    Senior high school students may enroll in college/university related early admission programs during their senior year providing they meet certain conditions.  Please see School Board Policy 241 for more information.

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