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    The scheduling process begins in the second semester each school year.  Please feel free to contact your guidance counselor to discuss any scheduling questions and concerns. 

    Students in grades 8-11 complete their course selections online through the Community Portal. Students can complete their requests at school or from home and should see their counselors if they have any questions before hand. The online course selection will be open through      . Once the selection process is complete, students will print out their course request form, get a parent signature, and turn in it to the guidance office by      .  For a copy of the course description book, please see file below.

     Listed below are some special program offerings to consider when scheduling:

     AP (Advanced Placement) Courses

    AP (Advanced Placement) courses are college-level courses a student can take while in high school.  Through AP Exams, students have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at most colleges and universities.  The AP exams are given at the high school during the first two weeks of May.  Students are required to take the AP exam when enrolled a course.  The following AP courses are currently being offered at the high school:

    AP Biology
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Chemistry
    AP English Literature and Composition
    AP Environmental Science
    AP United States History  

    Honors Option-

    At teacher's discretion, courses may include an honors option for students who are interested in completing high rigor learning tasks.  Students who take this option will be required to complete a set number of honors assignments across the school year and at the completion of the year will receive credit for a weighted course.

    Independent Study Options

    Students who have demonstrated high performance and completed all levels of a given course or area of study may submit a proposal for an independent study with the permission of the instructor.  The proposal must include designated outcomes, planned project, materials and resource lists, process and timeline (with benchmark dates) for completing the project and a self-evaluation component, as well as any criteria required by the instructor.  Enrollment in the independent study is contingent upon approval by the instructor and building administrator.

    Midd-West High School Work-Study Program

    The Midd-West Work Study Program is a partnership among students, educational institutions, employers and the community.  Students in the program will be provided with the essential skills necessary to seek and maintain employment.

    In the initial phases of the program, students will evaluate their interests and gain insight into areas of employment where they may find the most success.  They will continue with coursework that will enable them to gain an understanding of the skills necessary for employment.

    During the final phase, students will have the opportunity to gain valuable on-site work experience for elective credit, with the benefit of a school supervisor and job mentor to advise them on the path to success.

    Courses as part of the Work-Study Program include: Career Awareness, Career Preparation and Work-Study Practicum.

    Applications and program information are available in the guidance office.

    Midd-West High School Agriculture Program

    Students enrolled in the Midd-West Agricultural Program have the potential to earn college credits by successfully completing the program. 

    Articulation Credits

    Students have the potential to earn college credits by successfully completing the General Production Agriculture curriculum at Midd-West.  The following schools are currently giving 3.0-9.0 credits:

    Delaware Valley College
    Harrisburg Area Community College

    Students successfully completing the Agricultural Mechanics Curriculum at Midd-West are eligible to receive up to 10.0 credits at the following post-secondary institution:

    SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill

    Dual-Enrollment Credits

    Students enrolled in Agricultural Business Management will receive 3.0 dual-enrollment credits through Harrisburg Area Community College.  It may be possible to transfer these credits to an institution of your choice. 

    Please see Mrs. Etzler or Mr. Erb for more information and sign up for an agriculture course today!

    Midd-West High School Sports Management Course Dual Enrollment

    Students enrolled in the Midd-West Sports Management course have the potential to earn college credits by successfully completing the program.  The course is designed for students interested in sports, entertainment,and event marketing. This course emphasizes the management principles related to the business of sports. It includes personnel, programs, marketing, media, financial management and an overview of career possibilities in this growing field.

    Midd-West High School has a dual enrollment program with Southern New Hampshire University that allows qualified high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.  Students who enroll and successfully complete this course are entitled to receive three (3) University credits and an official SNHU transcript with a paid fee.
    Please see Mrs. Mason for more information and sign up for the sports management course today!


    SUN Tech

    Students may attend the SUN Area Technical Institute their senior year in high school. 

    The Cooperative Education Program is a combined effort of SUN Tech and business/industry for training and offers opportunities for students to become directly involved with employers prior to graduation.  The primary goal of the program is to introduce the student learner to the world of work via actual experience on the job.  Cooperative Education is for the higher achieving student (95% attendance rate and 80%+ program grade) that wants to combine real work experience with high quality education, simultaneously.  This possibility exists in the 3rd and more importantly 4th marking periods of the year.  Career assistance exists for our students upon graduation as well.

    The following nine programs offer PC NOW Dual Enrollment opportunities through the Pennsylvania College of Technology to students at SUN Tech:   Advanced Precision Machining, Electronics Technology, Carpentry, Collision Repair Technology, Computer & Networking Technology, Diesel and Truck Technology, Drafting CAD Technology, HVAC, Welding Technology.  PC NOW credits cost the student $50.00 per credit with no registration fee.  Students must first qualify by passing a placement exam.

    The following two programs offer College in the Tech School Dual Enrollment opportunities through the Harrisburg Area Community College:  Health Professions and Related Services and Dental Health Technology.  College in the Tech School Dual Enrollment credits cost $30.00 per credit with a $35.00 registration fee.  Students must first qualify by passing a placement exam.

    PC NOW and College in the Tech School credits are transcript credits and transferrable to other post-secondary institutions.

    Students Occupationally and Academically Ready (SOAR) Credits- SOAR is a Pennsylvania Department of Education Program that eases student's path from high school to college into high demand occupations by allowing them to earn college credits while still in high school. Learn more at:

    Bloomsburg Advanced College Experience Programs

    Bloomsburg University is offering the opportunity to take regular, for-credit university courses to qualified juniors and seniors while still in high school.  Students may be able to save up to 75 percent on tuition in Bloomsburg's Advanced College Experience Program.  Senior high school students may enroll in college/universities related early admission programs during their senior year providing they meet certain conditions.  Please see School Board Policy 241 for more information.

    HACC- Harrisburg Area Community College Dual Enrollment (DE):
    High school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take courses at a HACC campus or online that count toward high school credit and college credit, giving the student a head start and a feel for what a college course entails. The best part? The cost for a high school student to take a dual enrollment course is $100 per credit. In the file below are the steps to admissions, if you are interested. 

    High School to HACC to a career in Architecture- Earn the Architectural Technology Diploma while still in high school.  Online courses begin as early as the spring of the junior year.  Credits tranferable to other Architecture or Construction Management programs as HACC.  Graduates of the Architecture AA Transfer degree are transferable to Temple University, Drexel University, Morgan State University, an more.  For more information, see related file below and speak with your guidance counselor.

    Lackawanna College Dual Enrollment (DE):
    High school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking courses at Midd- or online through Lackawanna College, giving the student a head start and a feel for what a college course entails. The cost for a high school student to take a dual enrollment course is $100 per credit.  Courses include: Accounting II/III, Statistics, AP Literature and Composition, Psychology, Sociology, AP US History, Chemistry and AP Chemistry including labs.  Additional courses will be offered at the the Lackawanna College Sunbury Center as well as online (when available on LC course schedules). 
    Credits are transferable to the State System of Higher Education Schools. Registration and money due for Dual-Enrollment College Credit will be due in the second semester.

    Susquehanna University

    Susquehanna University offers courses free to local high school students on a very limited availability basis.  If interested, please see your guidance counselor for more information. 

    High school students can begin registering for Fall 2019 courses at Susquehanna University on Thursday, August 8, 2019. 

    The fall semester course offerings and availability can be found at:

    Note: Fall semester classes will begin on Monday, September 2, 2019.  For your reference, the academic calendar is available at Please see your counselor to register for a class.


    Please contact your guidance counselor for more information about these experiences or any other scheduling question


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