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Midd West School District in partnership with the Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania would like to formally announce a Guaranteed Admissions agreement to any of the three Commonwealth Universities including Bloomsburg University, Lock Haven University, or Mansfield University for the next five years starting with the Class of 2023. Midd-West students who apply for admission to and graduate from MWSD are guaranteed admission to one of the three universities on the condition they graduate from MWSD, apply to Commonwealth University by December 15 of the student’s senior year, and satisfy all application requirements to the major at Commonwealth University.

Nursing and some science programs remain selective and have enrollment capacities. It is critical students apply as early as possible to these majors to receive early consideration for admission.

In addition, Commonwealth University will recognize and reward students for their academic preparation at MWSD by awarding a tiered scholarship merit program for MWSD graduates. The following criteria for admission and scholarship consideration must be met.

1.       Apply for admission to Commonwealth University no later than December 15 of the students’ senior year.

2.       Graduate from MWSD.

3.       Commonwealth University will award 4 tiers of academic merit scholarships to MWSD graduates according to the following academic preparedness of the student applicant.

a.       Tier 1 – 95% or above cumulative GPA at MWSD - $28,000; $7,000 annually.

b.       Tier 2 – 90-94% cumulative GPA at MWSD - $24,000; $6,000 annually

c.       Tier 3 – 85-89% cumulative GPA at MWSD - $16,000; $4,000 annually

d.       Tier 4 – 80-84% cumulative GPA at MWSD - $12,000; $3,000 annually.

4.       MWSD Scholarship recipients must remain enrolled full-time at Commonwealth University for a minimum of 12 credits per academic semester and must maintain an overall GPA of 2.50 at Commonwealth University to remain eligible for the scholarship.

5.       The scholarship is renewable for up to four (4) academic years or eight (8) consecutive fall and spring academic semesters if the criteria in #4 above are met.

6.       Commonwealth University will guarantee on-campus housing at Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, or Mansfield campuses, for up to four (4) years of full-time student enrollment.

This is an amazing opportunity for Midd-West graduates as they look to continue their post-secondary education and obtain a high-quality baccalaureate degree at a low cost. MWSD seniors who are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should talk with their counselors. Parents who have questions or would like additional information, can call the Midd-West High School Office at (570) 837-0046.