Bye Bye

MWHS is proud to present “Bye Bye Birdie” this spring! “Bye Bye Birdie” is the story of teen heartthrob Conrad Birdie after he was drafted for the Army. Albert Peterson, Conrad’s manager, and his assistant Rose Alverez take Conrad to Sweet Apple, Ohio for a farewell performance and to save their struggling firm. At this performance, Conrad is to give “One Last Kiss” to an American sweetheart and huge fan, Kim MacAfee. However, nobody counts on the jealous boyfriend to get in the way. Join us for this peppy retro show full of fun.

All tickets:


Thursday, March 31 – 7:00pm

Friday, April 1 – 7:00pm

Saturday, April 2 – 7:00pm

Sunday, April 3 – 2:30pm