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Continuity of Education Plan

Midd-West School District

Midd-West School District is approaching continuing education during the COVID – 19 Pandemic through a multi-facetted approach. Our primary approach for K-12 students will be to provide online learning opportunities of review, connect, and extend. This content will be available to students through the school’s Sapphire Learning Management System. Students with internet access can check their class sites at any time to complete assignments. Content and activities will be posted on regularly scheduled school days by their classroom teachers. Accommodations will be made for families without internet service or the technology necessary to access content.

Beginning Monday, March 30, 2020 teachers will be entering activities for students into Sapphire. Teachers of elementary students will be providing information to families as to how to access this portal and the assignments. Middle School and High School students should have much greater familiarity with this system. Plans have been made to get a computer into the hands of every family with the need. We also have a plan to provide Verizon hot spots to families without internet access as the school district secures them. They will be distributed as they arrive to families during meal distribution. However, it has difficulty acquiring these devices in a timely manner as they are in high demand. We will alert individuals as to the availability of the devices as they arrive.

The content provided will consist heavily of review and practice. However, content will be assigned as connection and extension. This content will be retaught once we return to school, and there will be no grades assigned to student work completed as review or extension for work completed through our mobile platform. Teachers will attempt provide feedback to students on their work, many of our integrated learning platforms do so naturally. There will be courses at the high school level that require assessment such as AP Courses and Aces programs through Bloomsburg University. These courses will continue as prescribed because they tie into other programs that are still operating. We want our students to continue to meet the expectations of these outside organizations and earn the credits the can earn through those organizations.

For students and families without internet access, we will be providing opportunities for work to be assigned through packets at the elementary level. Parents would just need to notify the building of their needs and a packet will be mailed to those families to provide daily practice. This would be a one-time mailing and be designed to provide daily review activities. The packets will focus on maintaining reading and math skills and are designed to be consumed as the family sees fit. The younger the

elementary student, the more support they will need from families in completing the activities. This also holds true for our online activities as well as the packets with our youngest students.

For middle and high school students, review packets are much more complex because of the complexity of schedules and variety subjects at those levels. The plans for meeting the needs of those students without access to online materials is still under development.

Message from Mr Musselman