• Guidelines for Student Absences


         Appointments should be scheduled before or after the school day so the students will have every opportunity to learn.  If a student is to be excused early from school the student must bring an excuse to the office before the start of school.  Whenever a student is absent from school an excuse is needed within three school days.  If the student is seen by a doctor, a doctors' excuse must be obtained.  After 10 days of absences not covered by a doctors' excuse any absences thereafter will need a doctors' excuse.

    Students should not be sent to school with these health problems:

    • Fever of 100.0 F or greater

    • Vomiting or diarrhea in the past 12 hours

    • Pink Eye: red itchy eyelids and green or yellow discharge but NO allergy symptoms

    • Head Lice:  active infestations of lice or nits

    • Any undiagnosed rash, i.e. chickenpox

    • Severe sore throat, excessive cough or cough that produces phlegm, severe headache, earache, or stomachache or ANY other illness when the child is not able to eat/drink/sleep or otherwise function normally without pain/discomfort

    • Injuries or surgical procedures that require narcotic medication to relieve pain.

    Call a physician or the school nurse if there is a question whether a student needs medical attention or may attend school with an illness or injury.