Health Services


    Nursing Assignments

    Ann Murray, CSN,
    School Nurse
    Midd-West Middle School, Midd-West High School
    Candace Benner, CSN,
    School Nurse
    Middleburg Elementary School, West Snyder Elementary School
    Rachel Gabel, LPN,
    Health Room Technician
    West Snyder Elementary School, Middleburg Elementary School
    Deb Etzler, LPN
    Health Room Technician
    Midd-West Middle School, Midd-West High School

    Roles of a School Nurse

    • Assess and evaluate overall student health

    • Plan action for elimination, minimization, or acceptance of health problems

    • Assist in identification  and education of students with special health problems and special education needs

    • Provide information and referral for adolescent health/emotional concerns

    • Provide selected health services for staff

    • Coordinate health services with health education and community agencies

    • Responsible for assessment, triage, and care of sick and injured students and staff

    • Observe school facilities and recommend modifications to maintain optimum health and safety of students and staff

    • Review/change health policies, consulting with the school physician

    • Administer medications

    • Perform PA School Code screenings

    • Monitor immunization compliance and provide clinics throughout school year

    • Follow-up on concerns regarding student and community health

    • Provide education on a variety of health topics to students, families, and staff




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