• Mr. Victor L. Abate
    Board President/CSIU Representative/Finance/Budget Committee/Buildings and Grounds/Meet and Discuss Committee

    Email: vabate@mwsd.cc
    Term Ends: 2019


    Thomas Rubillo
    Board Member/Buildings and Grounds/Policy Committee

    Email: rubillo.thomas@mwsd.cc
    Term Ends: 2019

    Mr. Shawn A. Sassaman
    Treasurer/ Finance/Budget Committee/Professional Staff Negotiation/Transportation

    Email: ssassaman@mwsd.cc
    Term Ends: 2019
    Christopher T. Nesbit
    Board Member/Buildings and Grounds/Finance/Budget Committee/Support Staff Negotiation/Policy Committee

    Email: nesbit.christopher@mwsd.cc
    Term Ends: 2022

     Wyona P. Lauver

    Board Member/Professional Staff Negotiation/Policy Committee

    Email:  lauver.wyona@mwsd.cc

    Term Ends:2022

    Stephanie Bowersox 
    Board Member/Meet and Discuss Committee/Transportation

    Mr. Ronald E. Wilson
    Board Member/Professional Staff Negotiation

    Email: rewilson@mwsd.cc
    Term Ends: 2019
    Tony McKnight
    Board Member/Meet and Discuss Committee/Support Staff Negotiation/Transportation

    Email: mcknight.tony@mwsd.cc
    Term Ends: 2019

     Donald Pinci

    Vice President/ PSBA Liaison/Building and Grounds/Finance/Budget Committee/Support Staff Negotiation/

    Email: pinci.donald@mwsd.cc

    Term Ends:2022

    Mr. Richard Musselman

    568 East Main Street
    Middleburg, PA 17842

    Email: musselman.richard@mwsd.cc
    (570) 837-0046
    Ms. Allyson Folk
    Board Secretary